This Facebook and Instagram post was the first in a series which highlighted the lifestyle at Smith Crossing through the eyes of these two residents who happen to be best friends. 
"Our pets have it pretty good here, too." We found that quite a few residents were hesitant to move to a senior living community for fear they would have to give away their pets. This client wanted to make it clear that all pets were welcome. This was the first post from a unique social series which invites the viewer inside a residents home to reveal the intimate and personal connection between the pet and resident. I shot, edited, and animated this pet friendly series.
Downsizing from a larger home full of memories and a life-long collection of belongings can be a very daunting task. During such an emotional, physical and time consuming move it's easy to feel completely overwhelmed. This series of posts offers decluttering and downsizing tips from organizing expert, KonMari. This is the fourth post in the series which uses stop motion animation to illustrate the folding technique process which can be used to help organize remaining items after the decluttering process (posts 1-3). Clean and simple design coupled with eye catching stop motion animation makes these helpful steps easy to understand and follow. 
Flexibility is a good thing. 
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